From her personal blog, Cristiana Falcone talked about the new courses launched by Google, regarding web marketing.
These include one, which you can start at any time and follow at your own pace, aimed at start-up owners who would like to grow their business, increase their digital brand awareness and boost their career.
“Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing”, this is the name of the course, comprises twenty-six modules for a total of 40 hours of study. There is no cost to attend, it offers numerous video tutorials and unlimited access, and a universally recognised certificate is awarded at the end of the course.

What is the course about and why start it and get certified?

Thanks to this course, according to Cristiana Falcone, you will discover the fundamental aspects of web marketing.
The course, accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will allow him to explore no less than twenty-six modules, all created by Google trainers, with plenty of exercises and practical examples to help him put his knowledge into practice.
Why attend it and obtain certification? Because in addition to improving your CV, you will be able to demonstrate to your current or future employers that you have a clear understanding of web marketing concepts.
You will also be able to add the certification to your Linkedin profile and include it in your CV as well, increasing your chances of finding a better job, advancing your career or being sought out by external clients for your skills.

Success stories: who are the people who attended Google’s web marketing courses and what are they doing now?

Still not convinced you want to attend one of Google’s web marketing courses?

That said, here are some success stories that have done it before you: find out who they are, what they do and what goals they have achieved thanks to Google’s online courses.

More than 300,000 people have already obtained this certification and many of them are nowadays getting a lot of satisfaction from their careers or have made great strides compared to when they started.

We start with Sylwia from After developing her skills and obtaining her Google certification, she was promoted to the role of Content Marketing Manager. Today, she is helping her agency expand and find new markets in which to make a name for itself.

Darko, on the other hand, the CEO of the Slovenian e-commerce platform, was so pleased and satisfied with his experience that, immediately after finishing the course, he decided to encourage his co-workers to take it up in order to improve their skills and achieve even better results.

Google’s web marketing online courses can change your life. Put them to the test now and see for yourself!